Passionate About Picnics is available for $25.00 (plus shipping) and may be ordered on Amazon.

Passionate About Picnics; ISBN 978-1-4951-5743-1

August 31, 2015


New Book Features Excursions for Every Season, With Sumptuous Menus and Recipes

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE – Passionate About Picnics, a unique and enchanting book on picnicking in the Brandywine and Delaware Valleys, celebrates the region’s rich history and lush parklands for outdoor food and family fun. Written by Mary Wolcott Davis, a mental health therapist in private practice whose family has deep roots in Delaware, the book offers picnics as a fun, easy way to calm tattered nerves and connect with nature, family, and friends.

“Picnics are good for the soul and the spirit. We live in a world of hustle and bustle,” Davis writes in Passionate About Picnics. “So many people are anxious and depressed with their situations. The stress of our everyday lives can leave us depleted and without joy.”

That’s where picnics come in.

“Picnics are for everyone – rich, poor, singles, lovers, old married couples, families, or friends. There is nothing more satisfying than packing up the picnic basket, readying the cooler, and setting off to a beautiful location and enjoying what the season and countryside have to offer,” says Davis.

Davis believes these outdoor excursions should be enjoyed all year, not just in spring and summer. The book focuses on locations in New Castle County, Delaware and is based on years of picnicking by Davis and her family – husband Bob, sons Wolcott and Wil, niece Liza and other relatives plus friends and colleagues. Readers reap the fruits of their trial-and error learning. Included are recipes battle tested for ease of preparation and proclaimed delicious by Davis’s brood of discriminating eaters.

The 100-page book contains beautiful color images of picnic sites and food photographed by Davis. Organized into 10 chapters, the book features a helpful introduction to the art and pastime of picnicking; a map of Davis’s “A-list” of picnic locations in Delaware, southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey; a list of essentials for the novice or those just rusty in picnicking; a discussion of picnic baskets; ideas on container picnics; a treasure of recipes; and Davis’s thoughts on benefits of picnicking with friends and loved ones.

Picnic locations are organized by season. Among the Delaware sites included are Brandywine Creek State Park, Russell W. Peterson Wildlife Refuge, Woodlawn Tract in First State National Park, Winterthur Garden, Caufield House, Breck’s Mill, Fort DuPont, White Clay Creek, Historic Odessa, Battery Park in Old New Castle, and others. Pennsylvania highlights include Stateline Woods Preserve in The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County and White Clay Creek Preserve. The solo New Jersey attraction is the Hancock House at Hancock’s Bridge. The author notes, however, that your own back yard can often be a perfect location that kids love.

Each location description is complemented by menus featuring delectables such as cucumber dill soup, roast chicken, pork loin with mouffelata spread, devilled eggs, cole slaw, blueberry tarts, Texas fudge, and many others.

“Being in tune with nature, away from our homes and work places, is revitalizing and can bring fresh new energy and dynamics within families,” Davis writes in the book’s final chapter, Picnics and our mental health. “If you make just the teeniest effort with a picnic you never know what worlds may open up to you.”

Davis says her family selected Tuesday nights as their weekly picnicking time, but notes that readers should do whatever works best for them.

“As you can see, we’ve had the time of our lives exploring and finding perfect picnic spots and the meals to go with them,” Davis writes in Passionate About Picnics. “It is my sincere hope that you have the same experience. As you pack your basket with good food and set out on your picnics, I wish you the best of times enjoying all that you experience together in this old-fashioned way.”

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Passionate About Picnics is available for $25.00 (plus shipping) and may be ordered on Amazon.

About the Author
Mary Wolcott Davis, LPCMH, LCDP, CADC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health in private practice in Wilmington, Delaware. With 25 years of experience in the field of mental health, her therapy works with adults in the areas of personal growth, depression, anxiety, abuse, domestic violence, seasonal affective disorder and alcohol and drug recovery, life transitions, anger management, family and personal issues. Chemical Dependency & Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor. In her therapeutic work she helps clients view their lives and situations in a bigger context in order to promote positive change for themselves. She has an eclectic style of therapy drawing from Rogerian, Adlerian and Reality theoretical models. Mary is bi-lingual in English & Spanish and offers mental health services in both languages. In 2008, Mary was awarded the Delaware Domestic Violence Coordinating Council's Distinguished Service Award. In 2010, Mary received the Outstanding Community Service Award.

Mary lives in Old New Castle with her husband Bob. They have two grown children, Wolcott and Wil.                      Mary Wolcott Davis, LPCMH, LCDP, CADC. 

Here is just a little taste that you can be sure to love in my Picnic Book!

Summer Picnics!

Summer Picnics!

Summer is a time of being outdoors and soaking in the sun and feeling the heat. For me, it’s picnic season. This was our picnic to Landenberg, PA on a hot summer’s day in July. We lounged and enjoyed the tranquil summer evening with our picnic dinner of cold cucumber soup, brie and baguette and chicken salad and melon.